Do you think Nurse Tiffany Dover has fallen ill or passed away?

Where is Tiffany Dover ?

December 17, 2020

On the 17th of December 2020 nurse manager Tiffany Pontes Dover, active at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, received a COVID-19 vaccine that was shown on live television.

After taking the vaccine she fainted while addressing the public and then the video is cut off. She then released a statement where she told she fainted due to a “condition” where you faint after feeling pain which.. is plausible.

In the following days no one heard of her which naturally started rumors because you would think someone who is very active on Facebook and Instagram and has a kind heart, wants the best for people would let everybody know she is doing ok.

However, she hasn’t been heard off since December 17 2020. She hasn’t made any appearance on her social media and family members have been acting very suspiciously but also not showing any sign of Tiffany.

December 21st, 2020

The hospital where Tiffany is/was working at, CHI Memorial Hospital, got wind of the increasing rumors that she might have fallen ill or even worse, passed away.

On the 21st of December 2020 the hospital released a very awkward video as proof she is alive and well.

Again, it’s plausible however if you look closely to the “Tiffany” in the video, unless she went to a salon and changed a few things, her eyebrows, hairline, hair parting and eyes do not look a 100% similar + she also looks like to have gained about 25lbs in 4 days and then we’re not even talking about the body language from everybody in the video.

It feels very awkward and staged but ok, we cannot proof a 100% it’s not real although an unmasked Tiffany saying everything is fine would’ve been far more convincing.

But..this is also the last time “Tiffany” was seen or heard off.

where is tiffany pontes dover

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Good to see you guys are back again, thought for sure they went after you guys. 🙂

The Truth
Jake Crutchley

Says I’m not allowed to view it in U.K. what a cosinsidence


Ditto in NL. Try viewing through Tor browser.


If she died, she didn’t die right away. This is supposed to be from the following day:


Not to mention, the english is so poor and awkward that it’s clearly not written by her family or any native english speaker. Therefore I think it’s safe to say this was created by a foreigner and isn’t legitimate.


They have an obituary for her now posted. She passed with complications from COVID. Scary how all this is still passing through

James Lee

So, why not send a professional private investor to ask around her relatives ie husband, parents, former co-workers, family close friends, her kids’ schools, etc? Or some investigate freelancer journalist like Mark Dice type, Ami Horowitz kind, or James O’Keefe’s people to check it out?

John Smith

I just want to tell you that you rock for making this website. This is something people should not forget. I have posted to her instagram many times asking her for news on how she is, however there has never been a response to anyone. People still regularly post to her account. She will not be forgotten and websites like this will keep the flame alive. 50 blessing to you.


The biggest mistake we can make is letting this slide and her story forgotten. Tell everyone you know and never forget. I’d like to see answers eventually from CHI Memorial. They spent $$ to make professional signs to say We stand with Tiffany. Surely they can have her give a 2 minute statement…


Why would they let a women who faints all the time work in a hospital?
Why would that same woman take a vaccine on life television?

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