where is tiffany pontes dover

A question for all the people that calls us conspiracy theorists..(been 2 months now since her last appearance)

And by the way, the day after tomorrow it’s been 2 months since Tiffany was heard or seen anywhere.

So, we’ve had a lot of discussions on Facebook with people that believe Tiffany Dover is healthy and alive and it’s like talking to a brick wall! We don’t claim she is sick or dead but we ask questions and we are always met with the same replies. Literally every person we spoke, like the media refers to her statement after she passed out on December 16 2020 and the hospital video that was released on the 21st of December 2020 which everyone already know that it’s her colleague Amber Lynn posing as Tiffany as proof that she is alive and well.

If you then ask where is any sign of activity after the above dates you are met with hostility and bullshit statements like Tiffany, her family and friends are tired of the harassment…

Now here comes the question!
If Tiffany Dover and/or her family is tired of the “harassment” why didn’t she just post a simple video update?

And don’t come with answers like “she isn’t obligated” and BS like that because there is zero logic to answers like that. You go on live TV taking an experimental vaccine, pass out, give a statement after, a couple days later they place someone else in a video posing as Tiffany and after that there is no sign of life anywhere even though she was very active on her Instagram. Of course people are worried and wonder what the hell is going on.

If she or her family is tired of the “harassment” all you needed to do is post a short video on your IG letting everyone know that has been worried for the past 2 months everything is fine and you’re doing good. It will comfort everyone worldwide but no, instead there is a deadly silence raising only more questions.

Please, come explain to us what the logic is here.. It makes literally no sense at all to be quiet unless something is up.

Anyway, we noticed an increased number of people who visit this website from all over the world, we just want to thank you that like us you’re not forgetting about this situation and the truth will come out sooner or later.

Until then keep sharing this website and if you got the time give our FB page a like to spread the word.

Stay safe and we will keep you updated.

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Sara Lee

did she post something in April? Or are you referring to her instagram posts in February?

James Lee

Paging James O’Keefe, send someone to go investigate, play around, ask around family members, kids’ schools, church if they go to church, neighbors, where Tiffany’s old friends at nursing school, etc.


The same hospital where this happened, CHI Memorial has announced they are mandating the vaccine for all employees by a certain date.


A couple of things to add to this mystery: 1) There is a video on Bitchute here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4mdIxUsjXjEb/ In this video, a person looks up Tiffany Pontes Dover on Ancestry.com. They find her, and cross reference her social media photos with the ancestry.com file to see that they match. The ancestry.com file has Tiffany as deceased, December 2020 in Alabama. In the ancestry file, her husband is Dustin Dover. It’s quite comprehensive. 2) Her family’s social media accounts have all been switched to private. Hers has not, and no comments have been left since December 2020. There is a theory that none of her family know her social media passwords, so they cannot get into her accounts to post or to switch to private. I don’t know what the answer is, all I can say is this entire thing is very suspicious and could easily be cleared up if Tiffany… Read more »


So I just talked to a friend who is Facebook friends with Tiffany. She assured me Tiffany is alive and well.

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