where is tiffany pontes dover

All comments are unfortunately gone

Dear visitors, as you might’ve noticed besides some small layout changes, unfortunately all comments are gone due to human error. I wanted to restore a snapshot after an incident on the server but in the chaos I restored the wrong snapshot (from an other site) which resulted in that the original content was overwritten and couldn’t be restored.

Fortunately I could retrieve the content through google’s cache but unfortunately I could not restore the comments. Now I can copy the comments and place them under my name but that wouldn’t look too great so I will keep it as is.

The reason why I decided to make the site again is because we still don’t know for 100%, good or bad, what happened to Tiffany Dover and until we do the site will be online.

This site isn’t designed to get as many subscribers as possible or to make any money of it. This site is online because we find the situation around Tiffany Dover very suspicious!

Would you like to contribute to this site in anyway, for example writing articles, making YT videos or think of ways to spread the word that the vaccin industry is very shady?!

Contact us through our form and tell us how you would like to help.

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John smith

I am not tech savvy but honestly, If you lose ALL the comments Im speechless………

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