where is tiffany pontes dover

It’s been 5 weeks and one day since Tiffany Dover was seen!

And still nothing! No new Instagram post, no new Facebook post, no interaction or recent footage anywhere! The longer it takes to get an update the more suspicious this is getting. It has now been 5 weeks and a day since that creepy video.

How could someone that took a vaccine on life television and was an active vlogger disappear like that? More so, why no news channel has been checking up on her or investigating what is going on because they were all certainly very fast present when Tiffany took the vaccine and passed out.

Meanwhile on Facebook we have picked up a very disturbing post which we pray is not true.

Even though it wouldn’t surprise us if this is true but we sure pray it isn’t.

We don’t type a lot on these updates but we just want to show that we haven’t forgotten about her and we will keep this site up until we know the truth.

Keep sharing our site to people that are also wondering where Tiffany is.

Thank you and stay safe!

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