where is tiffany pontes dover

It’s been 6 weeks and 1 day and suddenly the Media is getting involved..

where is tiffany dover?

Today it has been six weeks and one day since she was last seen or heard off but there has been some news which make this all even more suspicious!

As can been seen in the screenshot above the MSM, short for Main Stream Media which has no problems with lies, changing the truth or attack people they don’t agree with, suddenly after more than 2 months getting involved with the disappearance of Tiffany.

Of course targeting everyone that are worried about Tiffany or taking the vaccine, don’t accept the suspicious situation revolving around her disappearance or anyone for that fact that is wondering what is going on. The comments on the site has also been deleted..

Everyone that has doubts about her situation are all according to the MSM conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers who are all ” harassing” her and that this is the reason she hasn’t been active anywhere online..

Does anyone with a brain see the logic in this because we certainly don’t! As we already said many times, if you want to debunk rumors that you’ re dead, want people to stop worrying about you (harassing according to MSM), just make a short video at home saying you’ re OK. Really, that’s all it takes which shouldn’t be a big problem because she used to be very active on her Instagram.

Instead, all of a sudden MSM is doing their best to debunk all rumors she has passed away but give ZERO proof that she is alive. All they do, like anyone else that confront us ” conspiracy theorists”, is referring to the statement she gave on December 17 2020 and the statement and creepy video the hospital where she works at on December 21st 2020. No one can provide any proof she is OK or alive after December 21st 2020.

We don’t accept this and now that the media is getting involved trying to debunk the rumors makes it all even more suspicious, what are they trying to hide?? Do they really think with those articles we will just let it go??

We will let go if we get some solid proof she is either doing well and alive or fallen ill or even worse has passed away. Until then we will keep this site up and keep looking for the truth!

On a side note, we from whereistiffanydover.com haven’t ” harassed” Tiffany or any of her family members, friends or co-workers. We have not send any DM/PM to any of her SM profiles not to any of her family. That being said, we just want to know she is well so in the rare case you will read this Tiffany or any of your family members, just post a video showing you’re doing well and any rumors in the world that you have fallen ill or passed away would be instantly gone.

To everyone that read this and support us, thank you, stay safe and keep sharing this website.

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