Do you think Nurse Tiffany Dover has fallen ill or passed away?

Where is Tiffany Dover ?

December 17, 2020

On the 17th of December 2020 nurse manager Tiffany Pontes Dover, active at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, received a COVID-19 vaccine that was shown on live television.

After taking the vaccine she fainted while addressing the public and then the video is cut off. She then released a statement where she told she fainted due to a “condition” where you faint after feeling pain which.. is plausible.

In the following days no one heard of her which naturally started rumors because you would think someone who is very active on Facebook and Instagram and has a kind heart, wants the best for people would let everybody know she is doing ok.

However, she hasn’t been heard off since December 17 2020. She hasn’t made any appearance on her social media and family members have been acting very suspiciously but also not showing any sign of Tiffany.

The hospital where Tiffany is/was working at, CHI Memorial Hospital, got wind of the increasing rumors that she might have fallen ill or even worse, passed away.

On the 21st of December 2020 the hospital released a very awkward video as proof she is alive and well.

Again, it’s plausible however if you look closely to the “Tiffany” in the video, unless she went to a salon and changed a few things, her eyebrows, hairline, hair parting and eyes do not look a 100% similar + she also looks like to have gained about 25lbs in 4 days and then we’re not even talking about the body language from everybody in the video.

It feels very awkward and staged but ok, we cannot proof a 100% it’s not real although an unmasked Tiffany saying everything is fine would’ve been far more convincing.

But..this is also the last time “Tiffany” was seen or heard off.

where is tiffany pontes dover

December 21st, 2020

The hospital where Tiffany is/was working at, CHI Memorial Hospital, got wind of the increasing rumors that she might have fallen ill or even worse, passed away.

On the 21st of December 2020 the hospital released a very awkward video as proof she is alive and well.

Again, it’s plausible however if you look closely to the “Tiffany” in the video, unless she went to a salon and changed a few things, her eyebrows, hairline, hair parting and eyes do not look a 100% similar + she also looks like to have gained about 25lbs in 4 days and then we’re not even talking about the body language from everybody in the video.

It feels very awkward and staged but ok, we cannot proof a 100% it’s not real although an unmasked Tiffany saying everything is fine would’ve been far more convincing.

But..this is also the last time “Tiffany” was seen or heard off.

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It’s been 5 weeks and one day since Tiffany Dover was seen!

And still nothing! No new Instagram post, no new Facebook post, no interaction or recent footage anywhere! The longer it takes to get an update the more suspicious this is getting. It has now been 5 weeks and a day since that creepy video. How could someone that took a vaccine on life television and

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It has been 3 weeks and 4 days!

As we said many times, we are not going to post stuff of what we can’t check for authenticity but it has now been 3 weeks and 4 days since Tiffany was seen or heard off. After the weird video that was released by the CHI Memorial hospital on the 21st of December 2020, where

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James Coffman

She died on 8/10/21 from “covid complications”- 100 fact

Jay fink



Covid SHOT complications and several months ago. This is just to shut the door on people asking questions. Only other option is that she’s been in a coma since she disappeared and they shut off the machine 8/10.


Good to see you guys are back again, thought for sure they went after you guys. 🙂

The Truth
Jake Crutchley

Says I’m not allowed to view it in U.K. what a cosinsidence


Ditto in NL. Try viewing through Tor browser.


Yep same here in U.S.


Use a Proxy Server, they are not showing your IP, but instead an IP of the country you wish!


i’m curious to know if admin has seen this video and what they think of it


If she died, she didn’t die right away. This is supposed to be from the following day:


She may alive but permanently injured/disabled. The government and vaccine manufacturers would not want that getting out as well. As for the family, they may have been paid for their silence or more likely threatened.


Not to mention, the english is so poor and awkward that it’s clearly not written by her family or any native english speaker. Therefore I think it’s safe to say this was created by a foreigner and isn’t legitimate.

Kirk the Jerk

yeah it’s not “catholic hospital”, it’s “chattanooga hospital”. Obvious fake. Probably Pfizer put that one up, so people would say, see silly, it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory

It is Chi memorial in Chattanooga which is Catholic health initiatives recent merged with dignity health and now a common spirit hospital.


They have an obituary for her now posted. She passed with complications from COVID. Scary how all this is still passing through

Jay fink

Of course not, you see very few actual documents and a lot of hysterical people along with legitimate folks like you and me wanting to know.


The only obit I saw could not be confirmed, as it resulted from a search called Search Quarry (I think). And it had her alleged death as in AL. While it is possible she went to AL after her injection, I would think she would have been too sick to travel and something would have been said about that. She was in TN at the time of the injection and wasn’t seen again after that except that strange group video from the hospital. If you have something other than the above link I mentioned, please post it.

James Lee

So, why not send a professional private investor to ask around her relatives ie husband, parents, former co-workers, family close friends, her kids’ schools, etc? Or some investigate freelancer journalist like Mark Dice type, Ami Horowitz kind, or James O’Keefe’s people to check it out?

James Coffman

Dead 8/10/21

Jay fink

No proof

Donny D

Because the other side of all this – also part of this carefully planned op; can’t. That would make too much sense. From election fraud to this Covid nonsense to 9/11 to Sandy Hook… this one is simple for CHI and the powers that be. Just go find some woman who looks like her and embarrass the conspiracy people. See she’s alive! while you’re all distracted with this nonsense the mandates continue. The grid is going up. What people should be doing is walking off their jobs, protesting, etc. It’s 99% vs 1% folks. We don’t have to go down this road. It would take about 1 day for the entire thing to collapse if everyone was united. Some say that’s what they want anyway. Fine. What we aren’t doing is living in a world where we are forced to take some injection or show a digital ID to do… Read more »

John Smith

I just want to tell you that you rock for making this website. This is something people should not forget. I have posted to her instagram many times asking her for news on how she is, however there has never been a response to anyone. People still regularly post to her account. She will not be forgotten and websites like this will keep the flame alive. 50 blessing to you.


The biggest mistake we can make is letting this slide and her story forgotten. Tell everyone you know and never forget. I’d like to see answers eventually from CHI Memorial. They spent $$ to make professional signs to say We stand with Tiffany. Surely they can have her give a 2 minute statement…


Why would they let a women who faints all the time work in a hospital?
Why would that same woman take a vaccine on life television?


Seriously, she be dead


She was dead alright when I looked her up on “Search Quarry” a couple of days after the incident.. After returning to the page about a week later, all I got was a “Whoops! Our searches occasionally time out..”. And after that her info was erased from the site.


En molta gent es pregunta què se n’ha fet, d’aquesta dona.


Chatanooga is the town of the creator of American Horror Story

Al golden

Literally all she has to do is post one video on her IG with today’s date and say “alive and well guys, stop worrying about me” for someone who was a pretty active poster to go dark for 8 months leads to ton of suspicion.

No Nono

You’d say that isn’t real too. You’ll believe anything that supports your view and nothing that doesn’t.

Alex Jones

Seems more like you Mr. Nono you liberal fruitcake. You probably don’t belive that Atrazine makes the frogs gay either but it still does. Let’s go Brandon


thats kaylee anthony


This is sick stuff going on! Why would they go through all this trouble over this?


The “Tiffany” in the photo with her co-conspirators is standing in lockstep with a haughtiness in her eyes. The real Tiffany in the top photo’s startling blue eyes radiate compassion shortly before she was offered up to Big Pharma. Pray for her family.
It sure looks like she passed away.

Rob Hotting

Juist like her watch, on Tiffany’s arm it was loose. on the ‘other’ it was really tight. And her neck is a lot thinner therefore the necklace is lower…

Jay fink

I’m glad to have found this site. Encourage whistleblowing!


No one can find her parents?


No one can contact her parents?


I just did a search on Search Quarry again today and there is nothing listed for her now. I used all variations of her name and nothing. I even tried a search with no first name but it wouldn’t allow that. So I did MY first name and her maiden and married names and 100+ names pop up. No Tiffany Dover’s at all now and before, there were dozens. So that alone seems very suspicious to me!

Kirk the Jerk

Can’t we just get a death certificate from the state of Alabama or the state of Tennessee? (She’s right on the border, could have died in either state.) This speculation needs to stop.

Kirk the Jerk

So, u think CHI has a vax mandate? What do you think the compliance is at that hospital? That will give you the REAL answer.


This just came out today: CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee memory-holes Tiffany Dover, the nurse who passed out on live television after getting early covid “vaccine”Tuesday, October 12, 2021 by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) As far as Chattanooga-based CHI Memorial Hospital is concerned, Tiffany Dover, a nurse who used to work there before she collapsed during a live press conference right after getting early “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) no longer exists. CHI recently deleted all of its tweets about Tiffany Dover, who has since completely disappeared, from its official Twitter account. These tweets were tweeted right after the collapse incident to reassure the public that Tiffany Dover supposedly did not die from her injections and was doing just fine at home “resting.” Rumors have since circulated that Tiffany Dover’s collapse on live television probably did her in because the public was never given a legitimate follow-up about her health status. On December… Read more »


The article is wrong on one thing: her Facebook and Instagram are not deleted at all. They’re both still very much alive. They’re just not being updated ever since the jab.


Here is a new one. Super pro vaxxer in Austrian parliament


Fox News and the others have had multiple stories every day for weeks on end about Gabby Petito, but not one story about the nurse that vanished after getting the COVID shot.


Apparently probate records in De Kalb county show that Tiffany and her husband took out a mortgage recently!

See this great video:,-Definitive-Video-With-Answers-(Please-Share!):9


It is a valid URL. Click on the words “this great video”. The URL I have is—PLEASE-SHARE!:1

Paul Barbara

The url works, it just didn’t all get included. Notice the end of the url is in black, not red.
Just copy and paste the whole thing into a search engine, including the black items at the end, and bingo!


It’s very disturbing-as the global gas-lighting continues in the name of a cold.


I find it hard to take a supposed credible site seriously when there are so many grammar and spelling errors.


Oh No, it’s the dreaded “Spelling Mistakes=False Facts” demons striking again! Seriously, this person is not interested in the truth, proven by the no response to admin’s query. (Defamation is the name of the game).


I found this on Find A Grave. I have no idea if any of that info is genuine. In fact, no info on her grave location either.


What I’ve gathered so far is as follows. The explanation for passing out is pretty ridiculous for someone working at a hospital. Vasovagal inhibition is indeed a legitimate condition, but would you knowingly hire somebody that’s having it for a hospital work? She had said it had happened to her in the past, so the higher-ups would’ve known. To her defence she didn’t appear to be an actual nurse. She was said to be a nurse by the media, but her actual job title is “nurse manager”. That’s an administrative position, I think. Still probably stressful enough to not have a person like that holding it. She hasn’t posted anything on her normally active Facebook account since December 12, 2020. Up until then the rate of posting was at least twice a month. It’s been a ten months pause now, as of this writing. Her Instagram account is a slightly… Read more »


Nurse Case Managers are fully credentialed nurses and are typically tasked with managing specific special needs cases where specialized knowledge is required.

Health Providers may assign Nurse Case Managers to monitor post operative and or post treatment patients to ensure they are thriving and getting the care they need


Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure about that one as I’m not familiar with the US medical system.
Her being an actual nurse makes it all the worse for her supposed condition.


Nice, thorough analysis.


I hope that I am still alive when the Nuremberg trials begin for crimes against humanity pertaining to the poison jab.

Mr. Evans

Passed Away, Aka Death By Lethal Injection, aka Lethal Adverse Reaction She Has Succumbed To Last December 18th 2020, Werein There Has Been A Criminal Cover Up To Protect The $$$ Flowing From The Death Jabs Which Are Severely Injuring And Killing, aka Murdering Tens Of Thousands Of American Citizens Alone, And That’s Not Counting All Of Those Affected Around This Realm . . .


Now, . . . That’s Some Straight Up Truth Here . . .

Mr. Evans

To The Person Who’s Reading These Words Here . . . Read What’s Below Very Carefully And Try Your Very Best To Fully Comprehend The Words Below Because You Need To Fully Understand Them Now, Because They May Lead To Your Life, And Your Children’s And Familie’s Lives Being Saved, And Prevented And Saved From The Very Real Deadly Reproductive Chemical Harm To You And Them . . . The Deadly Faux COVIDIOT1984 Death Jabs Have Human Being Sterilizing Chemicals In Them, So Everyone, Including Infants On Up Who Actually Survive The DNA/RNA Altering Death Jabs Will Be Made Irreversibly Sterilized With No Way Of Undoing That, So Your Family Lines Abruptly End People And $heeple, Which Is By Design By Evil $hill Gates Of HELL, And Evil Joseph Mengle = Anthony Fraudci, And Evil Klaus Schwaub’s Evil UN Agenda’s 21 = 2030 = 2050 Realm-Wide Massive Human Being =… Read more »

Phil Ygoda

she lives at:
For privacy reasons we’ve deleted the address but good find! We’ve received an email ending with that seems to verify she is alive however not in the best of health. We’ll post an update soon.

jim norman

This is a massive cover-up that includes her family. Know this all you who are complicit in the cover-up. You are responsible for all those who are injured by the vaccination who would have otherwise not taken them had they been scared off by her death or serious injury.

RJ Jamieson

I completely agree! Even if their lives were threatened, they could have contacted, for instance, Lin Wood, who I am certain would have got them into the hands of someone who could protect them and investigate, arrest the perps.


She is dead guys. They had to cover it up otherwise ppl would see how bad the vaccine really is


did she take the second dose? Where were the reporters then?

Treason is a crime.

she is dead confirmed we found her entry on the deaths register.Husband Registerd her death Tiffany Pontins Dover. Scum are going to Burn For this Family will have been payed off Gag Order by money . SCUM THEY ARE GOING TO BURN FOR THIS

Shoah Kahn

She had an obituary, which is now 404’d; as well as a report on her on Vemo, which is also 404’d.

Pretty sure she’s “fully protected”, “safe”, and as “effective” as before she collapsed, though… After guinea-pigging a non-aspirated, main vein hit of a non-vax “vax” / gene therapeutic, nanoparticulate that is felling the healthiest people in the world, at a record rate, 👌😏

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