where is tiffany pontes dover

People saying they see Tiffany Dover every day yet can not show any proof..

Because I got many internet projects it can be some while when I check the website and Instagram comments. This website has been live since late December 2020 and the past year we received quite some comments from people that claimed they were her co-worker or a friend and see her regularly or even daily.

I always reply with; If that’s so, shoot me a recent photo or video as proof. Then usually we receive an answer like the following screenshot (from our IG)

Yeah right, this is absolute BS! So that’s why for 288 day now she hasn’t been heard off or seen anywhere? That’s why thousands upon thousands of people are worried about her? Because she is doing fine?

If that is so, tell her to send us a private video with her saying she is ok and naming this website. We won’t publish the video we will just acknowledge she is OK and we will then take this website and the Instagram and Facebook profiles down. I bet we will never hear of her. We also had contact with several journalists that are investigating about her presence and they also cannot find any proof is she passed away or is alive.

If the hospital where she works at care so much about her well-being, let them make a statement with her without a mask stating that she is doing fine so all the rumors cant stop once and for all instead of making that video in December 2020 with someone that was definitely not Tiffany.

But, we’re pretty sure we won’t hear anything from anyone to proof she is alive. Until then this all stays a mystery and the website will stay up.

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Leigh Pierce

CHI has no twitter posts after December 19, 2020 until January 12, 2021.




There is no way she is alive. We ALL need to email [email protected] so they can investigate and try to PROVE the truth.


why did my comment get deleted?


If Tiffany is off of Facebook because she was receiving death threats, then who is it that would be threatening her? Is it the anti-vaxxers? No, this would benefit their ideology by confirming what they already suspected about the dangers of the vaccines. Is it the pro-vaxxers (Which is what she was/is)? Big Pharma? The government? The Mafia?


Dead by big pharma/jab, and the total radio/tv/social media silence that ensued after her jab is proof enough the crazies DO NOT Want to reveal the truth. She received dead threats? Total crap, she is the poster woman for THE RISKS OUTWEIGH THE (NON EXISTENT) BENEFITS re jab… So “anti jab folks” would treat her like ‘royalty’.. Cos she nails their point… But unfortunately 4big PHARMA propaganda Tiffany, and all the others, wil remain the evidence needed to crucify gates circus & Co… There will b records of her death, WHICH WILL SURFACE, eventually, even if her family may hav been paid off huge money to keep silent. It will, when this blasphemous c19jab & its circus in tow will b blown out of the water… Not long to go now.. By the look of legal cases and victories worldwide, and the great help provided by the crazies lies… The… Read more »


Tiffany Dover quit her job at the end of her shift because she forgot that she was anti-vaxx. She went to work as a nurse for the Chattanooga Choo Choo Railway on track 29, on the Tennessee line.

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