where is tiffany pontes dover

People saying they see Tiffany Dover every day yet can not show any proof..

Because I got many internet projects it can be some while when I check the website and Instagram comments. This website has been live since late December 2020 and the past year we received quite some comments from people that claimed they were her co-worker or a friend and see her regularly or even daily.

I always reply with; If that’s so, shoot me a recent photo or video as proof. Then usually we receive an answer like the following screenshot (from our IG)

Yeah right, this is absolute BS! So that’s why for 288 day now she hasn’t been heard off or seen anywhere? That’s why thousands upon thousands of people are worried about her? Because she is doing fine?

If that is so, tell her to send us a private video with her saying she is ok and naming this website. We won’t publish the video we will just acknowledge she is OK and we will then take this website and the Instagram and Facebook profiles down. I bet we will never hear of her. We also had contact with several journalists that are investigating about her presence and they also cannot find any proof is she passed away or is alive.

If the hospital where she works at care so much about her well-being, let them make a statement with her without a mask stating that she is doing fine so all the rumors cant stop once and for all instead of making that video in December 2020 with someone that was definitely not Tiffany.

But, we’re pretty sure we won’t hear anything from anyone to proof she is alive. Until then this all stays a mystery and the website will stay up.

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Leigh Pierce

CHI has no twitter posts after December 19, 2020 until January 12, 2021.




There is no way she is alive. We ALL need to email [email protected] so they can investigate and try to PROVE the truth.


Veritas is useless. They have so much good undercover info, but ask yourself what have they accomplished with all that info.



Hardly useless.. hard to get anything done when most that can do anything are involved in the corruption. They work hard to bring it to the attention of the people


Media Matters is AIDS, you should be ashamed for linking to those Soros Paid Liars.

Paul Barbara

They managed to upset Biden’s FBI recently.


why did my comment get deleted?


If Tiffany is off of Facebook because she was receiving death threats, then who is it that would be threatening her? Is it the anti-vaxxers? No, this would benefit their ideology by confirming what they already suspected about the dangers of the vaccines. Is it the pro-vaxxers (Which is what she was/is)? Big Pharma? The government? The Mafia?


Dead by big pharma/jab, and the total radio/tv/social media silence that ensued after her jab is proof enough the crazies DO NOT Want to reveal the truth. She received dead threats? Total crap, she is the poster woman for THE RISKS OUTWEIGH THE (NON EXISTENT) BENEFITS re jab… So “anti jab folks” would treat her like ‘royalty’.. Cos she nails their point… But unfortunately 4big PHARMA propaganda Tiffany, and all the others, wil remain the evidence needed to crucify gates circus & Co… There will b records of her death, WHICH WILL SURFACE, eventually, even if her family may hav been paid off huge money to keep silent. It will, when this blasphemous c19jab & its circus in tow will b blown out of the water… Not long to go now.. By the look of legal cases and victories worldwide, and the great help provided by the crazies lies… The… Read more »

Bat Masterson

I had written on another post, it doesn’t serve Big Pharma to remain silent if this nurse is indeed alive. They would have paraded on every major network throughout the country. NOT A WORD. This woman is deceased and it’s very sad. Why the silence from the family though? Money? If so, their actions are reprehensible if that is true, especially with all that has happened since her incident was caught on camera.

She’s gone!


The link doesn’t work. Interesting


Unfortunately, the algorithm obviously doesn’t accept the whole link to odysee.com. You’ll have to copy the string manually. Btw., I don’t support these so-called “vaccines”, as I think they’re making people sick in the long run if not immediately, quite a few of whom will die eventually. God knows how long the vaccinated are going to make it. Obviously, death rates are beginning to soar among all age groups. E.g., when you’re looking for “suddenly and unexpected” (“plötzlich und unerwartet” in my mother tongue) on Twitter, you’ll get more and more results. The only point I’m trying to make is that we have to be cautious in spreading information, as it could do a disservice to getting people to know what’s actually going on if it’s false. As I don’t know Tiffany Dover in person, I’m left to weigh the plausibility of the information given. You decide what to make… Read more »

LC Haro

Thinking like a nurse… The mandate is to do no harm. So, if the vaccine is wonderful, I would think that the woman who chose to be the public face for the vaccine program, the nurse manager who is clearly not a shrinking violet in front of a camera, I think she would feel that it is a professional obligation to reassure the public as to the safety of the shots. Equally, if she had a bad reaction, if she did a little more homework and realized that it would be potentially more harmful to people than the benefits justified, a nurse should have a crisis of conscience about making that kind of recommendation. In light of a nurse’s obligation to society, I find it very odd that we have no proof of life video, that we have no encouragement to go out and get the shot because it’s A-OK,… Read more »

Bat Masterson

My wife is also a nurse and she is of the same opinion. This woman is no longer among us.

Your dad

I’m not saying harass the hospital by phone, that would be illegal. Don’t do it. Get the vaccinerino and shut your mouth.


Unfortunately she is deceased. If you have an Ancestry account you can type her name in and look her up. I found her in 2 different persons trees. One with her married name and one under her maiden name. Both say that she died Dec 2020. Now you can say that its maybe someone else with the same name but I highly doubt it.


Any update?


Plz keep in mind that email addresses can be spoofed.


Did you see the photo of her tagged on facebook Oct 27th? Seems like she is alive. What did Memorial.org say?


K then when can you


About reporters not finding any evidence of her death: If someone was serious and brave enough to actually go to the hospital and the husband’s home and snoop around, we would either get a yay or nay. But this is not happening because it would uncover her likely killing.

To think that her husband and immediate family accepted 30 pieces of silver to “keep quiet”, is really disheartening.

Phil Ygoda

I decided to look into it and she is definitely alive, and living at:

You can find these records yourself, they are public records in Dekalb County, Alabama:


I haven’t seen any updates since. I deduce that the news was false. If she were alive and well she would have put an end to all doubts by posting a video.


Very interesting indeed. Any updates on that? Thanks


So where is the update? Its been over 5 months.


Good job, glad to hear she is alive. Hope she is well

Eric S Dunn

I don’t know what they have there now, but I saw Dekalb County’s death report for her right after the incident happened. They may have decided that she’s alive again now, but they showed her as dead back then.


This is not a proof. She should make a video.


Bro, you actually went there and paid to get this page out! Nice!


It is not necessary to go there in person. Anyone can obtain the documents via internet for one dollar for each page.


I haven’t gotten her address but I live 50 minutes from Higdon, AL. I’ve been to Jackson county and Sand mountain many times. Just didn’t know this woman lived and worked kind of near where I live. I personally think she’s been injured by the shot and was paid to be quiet.


I have compared the signatures for both Tiffany and her husband in this document with those of an earlier document in 2016.
. I am not sure. I am no handwriting expert but the one for Tiffany looks different.


There is a notarized statement with the signature of Tiffany Pontes Dover and her husband that can be found in the probate records in Dekalb County, Alabama. Can anyone have this verified? An affidavit from the notary stating that she identified the person with the name Tiffany Pontes Dover as the one that signed the document evidenced by her identity documents such as a passport or driver’s license. This document is not a proof of life. It is a signed document that has been notarized. It may be a true document with the actual signature of Tiffany Pontes Dover but then it may not be. Documents can be falsified. Compare the signatures for Tiffany from previous documents. I have seen one from 2016 and the signatures look markedly different.


I’ve contacted her friends on Instagram but they won’t even answer the simple question of whether Tiffany Dover is still alive. It’s just silence.


Somebody from her hometown needs to go to the local cemetery and take a look around at the cremations (she has guaranteed been cremated). Ask the groundskeeper which graves would have been from a year ago and look for names or nicknames but not a full name. They would have either inscripted the plaque with nickname that only the family knows, or a pen name.


Almost one year since the Dover fell over!


I saw Tiffany Dover having lunch with Elvis the other day. I swear. They’re both alive and fine. Trust me.


Bull, they have been keeping their affair secret. No way would they be out to lunch together.

Eric S Dunn

Why would anybody make deaths threat against her. That makes absolutely NO sense. The only people, it seems, that are concerned about her think she’s already dead. What’s the point of making death threats against someone you already think is dead?


in this video TD brother is claiming she’s alive via fb messenger, although the researcher didn’t get her picture. The brother is saying she’s alive


The mortgage document is more compelling. Didn’t seem like he did any signature matching, any old documents of hers online?


If the notary can be contacted then the identity of the people signing the mortgage document can be verified. I have found someone by that exact name that lives in the same county of Jackson

Wayne S

There’s a FB posted picture, supposedly from Oct. 28, 2021 at a North Sand Mountain Girls Varsity Basketball game in Higdon, AL, that definitely looks like Tiffany. Except nobody else can substantiate it and there’s nothing else in the photo that can prove it. This is the case with anyone who says they “have seen her.” It’s the same ol BS smokescreen we’ve gotten for the past 14 months.


Tiffany did have a teenage daughter per her YouTube. Many pics and videos of her with her daughter. What source exactly was the FB post of the basketball game?

John Simmons

I have seen the photo referenced by Wayne. The photo is on the FB page for Mr. Reyes.The post is dated 28 Oct 2021. He has two daughters that also are on the team for NSM girls basketball. There is only the one photo and as Wayne said there is no information from the photo that can verifiy the location and date of this photo. An interesting note is that Tiffany’s full name is used. Tiffany Pontes Dover. Would a close friend not have just said here I am with Tiffany, Natalie’s mom. Natalie Dover was also on the NSM girls basketball team.


Can anyone verify that there was a varsity basketball game on that date for North Sand Mountain girls team. I think the schedule does not begin until November.


If Tiffany were alive some journalist would surely have found her, photographed and interviewed her, putting an end to this story.
Unfortunately this did not happen.


The mortgage document is a glimmer of hope that she was only seriously injured and not dead.


I just saw TikTok videos of Tiffany that were uploaded in 25 Jan 2021 according to the account. It is definitely her!!!! But the question is exactly when?


Her Pinterest account is still in use Tiffany Dover (tiffanydover90) – Perfil | Pinterest

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