where is tiffany pontes dover

So… it’s been 274 days and still nothing!

Dear readers, I know I haven’t been posting much due to my work projects but then to be fair there hasn’t been much to write about.. It now has been 274 days since she was last seen alive in a video.

Besides a couple messages I received to some WP blogs where there is supposedly a death statement about her passing (which I don’t find credible) there is nothing to be found. All her social media profiles, which said many times before where she was pre-vaccine very active on, are dead.

No videos of co-workers, friends and family where she can be seen alive, there is just absolutely nothing!

All I do know the world has gone crazy! More and more countries are forcing those poison serums upon us. Well, you can restrict me of going anywhere, I will never take that poison! Death is inevitable but I will go as a free person!

Anyway, still hoping she is doing well but even though we don’t have any proof I honestly don’t think she is among us any more. Wherever you are Tiffany, I hope you found peace.

All tips are still welcome.

Stay strong, stay safe!

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J Cuttance

Good on you for updating this one mate. It’s an evil entity that can make someone disappear.

Jeff Walls

Any more info on this..? Is she alive?

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