where is tiffany pontes dover

Why did CHI Memorial Hospital removed the tweets about Tiffany Dover??

People that visited this site before already know but if you here for the first time, I’m not one to post theories, claims or any news unless I can back it up with proof or facts. That being said, last night I was just checking where search engines index this site which as working in SEO I find interesting.

If you search on Tiffany Dover on Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, it’s on the first spot on the first place, on Yandex it’s on the 3rd spot on the first page and on Google somewhere below on the 5th page.

I was also checking some backlinks to see where the site is mentioned, as a SEO consultant I have certain tools that I use to check these statistics. After checking a couple links and checking the search engines I ended up on a site called heavy.com. Not a particular site that I know but the title interested me: “Tiffany Dover: Tennessee Nurse Who Fainted After COVID-19 Vaccination Is Not Dead”. “Ok.. how do you know? Do you have proof she is alive?” were the first thoughts that popped up in my mind.

Anyway, whatever so I scrolled down to read the article and there were some tweets and IG posts embedded. I could read the tweet texts but the profile photo’s didn’t load so I thought maybe the site was just slow or something.

A total of 3 tweets were posted by the CHI Memorial hospital which were:

Tiffany Pontes Dover Chi memorial hospital  Where is Tiffany Pontes Dover

Twitter has an advanced search option where you can look up any tweet posted on twitter with exact phrases unless the tweets are deleted so that’s what I did, simply copy/paste the sentences.

The first tweet was posted after she fainted, when I paste the text it came up with 6 results:

Chi memorial hospital are lying tiffany dover
However as you can see none were from @chi_memorial…

The second tweet, I can’t really remember if that was a photo or video but nevertheless when I searched for the link;

Tiffany Pontes Dover chi

And the last tweet, which was with that crazy stupid fake video;

chi memorial hospital lyers

The only question I have is, why? Why from all those tweets you delete the ones that involve Tiffany Dover? 3,397 tweets and you delete those ones…

This only adds to the suspicious situation around Tiffany but that’s not all… There were also several Instagram posts of supposedly family members that posted that she is alive and that the hospital asked her not to comment on social media. All IG posts and accounts have disappeared!!

One person who claimed to know her wrote on one Facebook post, “I spoke with family she is fine, other than being harassed by a mob of ignorant people.” And guess what, comment and account disappeared.

I seriously can’t even start to comprehend how insane this all is!! So much trouble to cover and delete everything because she is according to everyone above “alive and well”… Why the fuck go through all the trouble then?? As an active vlogger she would’ve have no problem to record a video saying she is doing ok, something like, “Hi guys, thank you all for your concerns but I’m doing well” and all the “conspiracy theories’, all the “harassment”, thousands of people worrying worldwide what is going on would’ve been unnecessary!!

Why if she is alive and well doesn’t Chi Memorial Hospital post photo’s, videos about her? They were sure happy to put her in front of a camera when she took that poisonous shot. Same for friends and family!! As she was very popular they didn’t mind to be in her videos and photos pre-vaccine, where are you people now??

This is BULLSHIT!!

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Twitter offers an option to auto-delete tweets after a certain period of time — it would be nice to eliminate this as a possibility — but yes, if you search the hospital’s timeline for ‘tiffany dover’ (meaning either tiffany or dover, or both) there are no results.

>I’m not one to post theory’s

Theories — you want the simple plural here, which is theories — theory’s is the possessive form and might be used like this: ‘The theory’s main postulate is …’

You can fix the text and then edit this comment to remove my point about theory’s.


I checked their tweets and they have older tweets still up than those that were delected so the auto-delete does not hold up.


The archived footage they gave of her with staff is not working. Where can the video be found? Would be good if you could archive it here since fuckery abounds.


Tiffany has no right to privacy in this case because she voluntarily went out to promote the vaccine so others would get it. Public has the RIGHT to know her status so they can have informed consent before getting the vax.


I posted an article about Tiffany Dover fainting back last December. Immediately, I was banned from Big Tech social media. You are doing great work. Never give up!

mike bender

SOME one local should have checked every funeral home this could have saved lives im so sad from what is goig n on i feel like it another trick to take us from god and jesus love.


Was Tiffany Dover ever a real person, or just an actress hired for the job? I do suspect this woman either has died or is suffering from horrendous after-effects. Maybe in a nursing home somewhere.


If Tiffany was still alive and ‘doing well as a ‘nurse manager’ at CHI Memorial, I would have fully expected someone at the hospital (colleague, patient or visitor) to have popped up online an confirmed this. Just one.

But no, nothing at all. Not a peep. Just obfuscation, deletion of any online footprints, and baseless claims from paid shills that she’s ‘not dead’.

It surely has to be beyond any doubt that Ms. Dover is sadly no longer with us.

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