Why this site?

Well..to be honest we, like thousands of other people, we got very suspicious after Tiffany took the vaccine and collapsed.

Soon rumors came up that she had fallen ill or even passed away. Her sudden lack of activity on Instagram and Facebook and thousands of people asking a sign of life after the video that was released on December 21st 2020 by the CHI Memorial Hospital got many people, including us suspicious.

Now..we don’t claim she is ill or passed away. We registered this domain last year and were holding on to it expecting to hear from Tiffany but instead anti-Vax people got aggressive with people that were doubtful of what was going on and always refer to the video released on December 21st 2020 as proof of life but when you ask to show any proof of life after that date they will tell you that the video that was released on the 21st of December is proof enough.

However, we do not accept this explanation!

Even though we don’t have any proof she passed away we don’t have any proof she is still alive either.

We seriously wonder what’s up.. We already know she cares about people because that was the whole reason she took the vaccine on live television. Why not, after reading that thousands of people are worrying about you just release a short video telling the whole wide world you are doing ok? Why all the secrecy? It makes absolutely NO sense!

The only ones benefiting from her silence are the government, big pharma and the media as they are trying to force people to take a vaccine and if a person that was shown on live Television died due taking the vaccine all their plans would fall apart.

Where is tiffany dover
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